The Truth About Corporate Prostitution


I had just finished serving my country judiciously for a year in the sun and in the rain back in 2012 and was just buying time before commencing the Msc adventure. I stayed at home for a little over a week when it dawned on me that doing nothing under my father’s roof was bound to make me lose my senses. Then began my first ever job search. I don’t know if it just a coincidence but it seemed most job vacancies I came across in the papers were marketing jobs particularly in the Banking or Insurance sectors and all had this “unholy” emphasis on females.
“Why the emphasis on females for a marketing job?”, I thought to myself then. But now I know.

The quest to get enough high end customers to deposit their huge sums in their banks coupled with unrealistic targets and the quest to survive in the uncertain labour market has birthed the evil called “Corporate Prostitution”. This is a growing phenomenon where marketers (mostly ladies) in a bid to meet the targets and particularly keep their jobs are consequently forced or led into prostitution with potential customers. Some targets are so outrageous that even if a female marketer were to stand nude on the road with a cardboard around her neck, she would still find it hard to meet. According to a banker friend, her bank recruit bankers (marketers) with clear instructions to generate between N150 million and N300 million within 3-6 months, while those in the operations department have specified targets, like N1 million per month, two savings accounts in one week or three in a month, depending on the branch head and stability of the branch.

Simply put, potential customers (mostly men) are approached by marketers (mostly ladies) to open an account and deposit their hard earned money into the marketer’s bank. The potential customer then demands sex as an incentive from the marketer to open an account. The marketer faced with gigantic targets and an impending sack chooses to play ball in a bid to save her job.

A friend once told me of her plight as a marketer for an insurance company. She spoke of how she and her colleagues go through a lot at the hands of casanova corporate guys and businessmen, who just want their backs on the bed before they even considered buying an insurance premium with her company.

The story of one Uche Okoro (pseudonym) comes to mind. She is a marketer with an old generation bank in Ikeja, Lagos. In her words, “seven years ago when l joined the banking industry, it was obvious that they had a hidden agenda because they did not mince words. ‘Go over there and woo new customers with all that you have’ were the words from our supervisor, who told us that we were lucky to get the job because it was competitive.”
Uche who did not confirm or deny whether as a marketer she has been a victim of corporate prostitution but emphatically said, “There is no university that will teach you how to be an efficient marketer; when you get to the field, you are going to navigate your way to get your desired goal whether by sleeping or not sleeping with anybody.”

Another story of Kemi Asani (pseudonym) just goes to show the lengths and pains ladies go through to meet their targets.
In her own emotion-laden words, “I got the shock of my life on the field because virtually all the targeted clients, who were mostly oil magnates, wanted to sleep with me before having anything to do with her bank. Out of frustration, coupled with the fact that I was running out of time on my target, l decided to give in to a young guy, who introduced himself as an IT consultant to one of the oil companies. He took his time after more pressure from me to agree to move one of his accounts to our bank. Before l knew it, l was warming his bed for almost a week, with a promise that as soon as he was off shore, he would give me a cheque to open a new account with my bank.
I almost fainted when l realized that he had issued me a bounced cheque. To make matters worse, l could not get him on phone and by the time l got back to his hotel, he had given a standing order that I should not be allowed in, that l was one of those disturbing him. Now to how many people would l tell my story and not look silly?” She lamented.

A close friend told me of how her madam at an Estate Management firm told her categorically to “shave your hairy legs so you will look the part when you approach clients”. Shave which legs? How does that affect the price of land or house? I am sure you get the manager’s message clearly.

The above are just a few of the unsavory experiences of female marketers (banks or a host of other firms) whose task it is to market their banks’ products and services and attract customers or get sacked with ignominy for under-performance.

Most banks would feign ignorance when the topic of corporate prostitution comes up but the buck of the blame should rest on the shoulders of the marketers. Why belittle/degrade/dehumanize yourself and even sin against God just to meet one stupid target and keep one rubbish job?
“Life is hard, the economic situation in the country is not improving and the labour market looms precariously by the day” might be one of the excuses a lady might give for compromising her moral standards. But need I remind you what became of Esau after he sold his birthright for a pot of porridge (common porridge). Don’t let hunger (lack of money) make you sell your birthright for that commission/salary/promotion. Be wise.


Adapted from the story “Female Bank Marketers: Unholy Targets and the Sleaze” on The Nation Online.

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5 Lessons A Car Teaches Men About Women

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In Africa, a man’s identity is tied to his car. An African man is aware that even before he opens his mouth, his car does the speaking for him. The Bible said “by their fruits, you shall know them” but in Africa, by their cars, you shall know them. A man knows the importance of not only being mobile but stepping out in a car that suits his reputation. So a car teaches a man how to treat a woman in the following ways.

1. Your wife is your identity: A woman is a reflection of her man and represents him anywhere she goes. A woman’s intelligence, poise, panache and beauty rubs off positively on her man. The same way people see your car before they see you is the same way people see your wife before they see you. An expensive, clean and presentable car drives into an occasion and everyone is at alert to see the big man that owns the ride.
The same way, a beautiful, well dressed, intelligent, funny, delectable woman would make people ask “who is this woman’s husband?”
A man should endevour to take care of his woman with even more intensity and vigor than he does his car.

2. Protect her: In a car’s life, it always has a guardian/protector. When it is made, the car manufacturer (Toyota, Audi, Mercedes) is the guardian. It then gets sold to the car sales outfit (Coscharis, Lawal Motors) becomes the guardian. From there a man buys it, and takes over as the guardian. Every car has a guardian. You will never see a good car packed on the road without someone looking after it.
Same with a woman, she always has a guardian. When she was born and grows, that responsibility falls on her father but as soon as she gets married, her husband takes over the role of her guardian.
Imagine a scenario where a careless driver bashes into the car of a man on a busy road in Lagos. The unlucky driver should get ready for either a mouthful of insults or a fistful of blows. No man would stand by and watch another man put a dent on his priced asset: his car.
In that same light, a man should protect and defend his wife even more than his car. Another man slaps/insults another man’s wife is a bigger insult to the husband of the abused woman. No matter what she did or said, no man should have the effrontery or audacity to touch your wife. Her fault or not. Teach him a lesson. Protect her.

3. Refuel her: A car no matter how beautiful or expensive it is needs to be refueled periodically for it to move the owner from one place to another. No man in his normal senses would drive a car far more than the fuel in the car would permit. But the same man that is aware that his car needs refueling would have a wife and not refuel her periodically. A woman’s fuel is attention, appreciation, admiration, care, love, words of affirmation (I love you, you are the love of my life etc).  A man that ignores his wife is as stupid as the man that drives a car to a distance of 50 km on a fuel of 10 km.

4. Brag about her: A man with a beautiful car never stops talking about it. He is with his friends and you hear things like “do you how much I bought that car? do you know the car hasn’t had one fault since I bought it?” Men are braggadocios in nature and pride themselves on telling people about their achievements and a man’s car is a major achievement. If the car could hear all the nice things men say about them, it would smile.
Men ought to brag about their wives in that light. Tell people how she made you a better man, how she makes you a happy, how she takes care of you. She might not be present when you say all these nice things but people that hear them will respect her better and it will get to her ears somehow (people talk). No woman would hear that her man speaks so highly of her outside and not walk with an extra spring in her steps. Women love to be appreciated. Never take that for granted.

5. Regular servicing: A smart car owner knows that for his car not to develop faults and remain road worthy, it needs regular servicing periodically. A woman also needs servicing on a regular basis.
i. Sexual servicing: When a man is too busy to sexually satisfy his wife, he is doomed. A man should never be too much of in a hurry to avoid foreplay. He should never be too boring and keep repeating the same sexual routine all over again. He should never be too dull to only have sex in the bed room (where the kitchen, sitting room, bathroom, car, hotel rooms still exist). A man should never fail to add to his sexual audacity. Surprise her often.
ii. Psychological servicing: A man should not wait for Valentines day, Wedding Anniversary or even his wife’s birthday to take her out and give her a treat. This should be done on a regular basis. Go out and buy clothes for her and bring them home without her asking. Book a couples only vacation. Buy her that shoe she admired in that magazine. Spoil her often and she would adore you forever.

Show me your car and I can tell how wealthy you are but show me your wife and I can tell the kind of man you are. Treat your wife with even more care than you treat your car because remember you can change your car to a bigger or even better brand but you can never change your wife. Be smart.

Christianity: Men and Many Wives

alaafin and wives

First Thought:
In this tradition of ours where a woman’s identity is tied to that of her husband (she retires her surname after marriage and takes up his). The same tradition where a married woman gets more respect and recognition than her unmarried and sometimes more successful counterpart. The tradition where single ladies are getting older by the day and the men are waiting even longer to get married. This tradition of ours tells a woman that she hasn’t achieved anything unless she is are married. But looks down on her for making the first move, proposing, sponsoring her wedding, buying the rings or building the family house.

Second Thought:
It is important to note that in almost every society there is a higher population of women than men. As a result of many factors including war or violence related deaths among men, longer life expectancy among women and generally more female children than their male counterparts.

Third Thought:
Men have been touted as serial cheats. The types that find it difficult to have, keep and remain faithful to one woman.

Fourth Thought:
A woman’s biological clock which makes it imperative for her to get married before a certain age in order to bear children.

Fifth Thought:
Men of this generation are constantly getting married late as compared to past generations due to financial constraints (other reasons abide).

The Bible pointed out that “in that day so few men will be left that seven women will fight for each man, saying, “Let us all marry you! We will provide our own food and clothing. Only let us take your name so we won’t be mocked as old maids.” (Isaiah 4:1).
So if the Bible made such a profound statement and judging by the five different view points from above, why are Christian men still mandated to marry just one wife?

I have always pondered if the one man, one woman rule in Christian marriages was realistically still relevant in our modern society.

From the other side of the religious divide, Muslim men are permitted by Islam to marry as much as four wives. So a Muslim man who feels he needs more than one woman in his life decides to marry four wives, care for them, protects them, loves them.
On the other hand, a Christian man has one wife and loves and cares for her but has other girlfriends who he also loves and cares for. Uses and dumps them at will with the excuse that he loves his wife and can’t marry another woman. Which is a better option?

I have always wondered if a man was better off with two loving wives, women who love and care for each other (if that is ever possible). Living in a home where one woman works while the other baby sits their children (each woman’s children) and when the other works, the first take over mummy duties. A home where a woman is not inconvenienced by her husband’s sexual advances because she has a co-wife who would take over when she is tired or not in the mood (as many women say). A home where she doesn’t have to cook all the time because her co-wife would readily help out. A home where she knows the identity of the other woman sleeping with her man (her co-wife).

Has anyone ever wondered why Islam permitted Polygamy?

If the above were their reasons Islam permits men marrying multiple women then what’s Christianity’s excuse for restricting men to just one wife?

Come to think of it many strong men of God in the Bible married multiple women from David to Solomon and even Jacob. Does it mean that Christianity is oblivious of the higher rate of women than men? Aren’t they aware that these so called married men go about sleeping with unmarried women behind their wive’s backs? Have they forgotten that the time frame attached to woman’s biological clock means she has to get married before a particular time in order to be able to bear children? Are they also blind to fact that single girls have refused to accept their single status continually advertise themselves to married men? Haven’t they heard of sugar daddy’s and runs girls whose clients are mainly married men?
Aren’t they also aware that the majority of men who sleep around are the so called Christian men?
So why haven’t they allowed polygamy?

ONE REASON: The Bible preaches against it as evidenced in various chapters of the Good Book.
Passages like 1 Timothy 3:2, 1 Corinthians 7:2, Deuteronomy 17:17, Exodus 21:10, 1 Kings 11:3, Deuteronomy 21:15-17, 1 Timothy 3:12, Ephesians 5:31, Matthew 5:32, Matthew 19:3-20, Proverbs 18:22, Ephesians 5:33 and Isaiah 4:1.

So what’s my take on the whole conundrum? It’s difficult on its own to handle one woman, let alone two or more. Disaster waiting to happen. Ask King Solomon and his bullion van of women. I will pass, thank you. One man, one woman please.

The End…….

Thanks for joining in my thoughts about Christianity and polygamy. I also apologize for the premature and annoying ending. These are my thoughts not yours so I can think my thoughts however I think fit (pun intended). Now go and think your own.

Controlling Anger By Cooking Beans (Works Like Magic)


Growing up as a little boy, I loved eating beans. I don’t know what brought about my love for beans but sometimes when people would ask how I gained my over 6ft 3in frame, I like to give beans the credit. I am sure my parents won’t mind beans taking the

As an adult, my love for beans kind of dwindled compared to my childhood days but something else about my character bothered me; short temper.
I was the type to get irritated very easily, take offense almost immediately and get angry almost instantly. My anger bursts went almost as quickly as they came. I could get angry this minute, say mean things and in the next minute when calm, I regret the words that came out from my mouth. It was as if, anger was an overwhelming spirit that blinded me, over powered my senses and directed my tongue to speak ill of everything and everyone responsible.

This act had caused a truckload of distress to me and brought about strain between me, my loved ones and even in my past relationships.
Although my bursts of anger has never led (and will never) me to hitting anyone (especially a lady) but the words that emanate from my lips are almost as dangerous and damaging.

In a bid to curtail this habit, I bought books on anger management and listened to tapes on anger. When all measures to tackling this personal menace proved abortive, I resulted to seeking Divine Intervention.
“God help me”, I would cry out. “I am a sweet boy, don’t let anger make me into someone I am not”.

As if God wanted to prove that He works in mysterious ways. He sent an angel in the form of beans to teach me how to control and subdue my anger.

It all started on this fateful day that I decided to prepare beans as the “okay’ cook that I am (I can cook to save myself kinda of cook). Instead of taking the beans from the container and pouring them straight into the pot to commence cooking, I had to undergo the unenviable, inevitable, stressful and time consuming task of picking the beans.

Step One: I placed the beans on a tray and picked them to remove broken, discolored, shriveled, blemished beans, stones, insects, bean cases and other unwelcome guests.
Step Two: I washed the beans twice to remove the smaller hidden particles like sand and stones.
Step Three: I soaked the beans for over 12 hours. The importance of soaking beans before cooking cannot be overemphasized.
i. Soaking beans helps remove the anti-nutrients (phytic acid and enzymic inhibitors) and indigestible complex sugars (oligosaccharides) that causes bloating, heartburn and flatulence (passing gas).
ii. Once the seed coat of the beans is completely hydrated while soaking, boiling water can flow through the surface and begin to cook the interior of the bean. The hydration of the seed coat can happen in cold or hot water so soaking beans allows the process to begin before cooking saving as much as 60% valuable time spent cooking beans and saving gas (saving money).
iii. Lesser cooking time means you can help the environment by using less energy.
iv. Shorter cooking time also helps preserve the most nutrients so you can get the benefits of all the protein, vitamins and minerals in the beans and maximize the food value.
v. Soaking the beans cleans them, removes accumulated surface dirt, bacteria, insect lava, rodent contamination (even more important with Lassa fever currently becoming a source of concern in Nigeria) and any fertilizer or pesticide residue that might be present making it safer for consumption.

NOTE: Remember to discard the water used to soak the beans, wash the beans one more time before cooking. The soaking water contains the gas causing indigestible complex sugars that have leached off the outer coating of the beans but also the other revolting stuff that comes off the beans.

Step Four: After picking the beans and rinsing, the cooking proper begins which entails boiling till soft then the addition of onions, crayfish, seasoning, salt, fresh fish/stock fish, plantain (the meal is incomplete without and finally palm oil. Food is ready.

While eating, a spirit in me connected the relationship between cooking beans and controlling my anger quite stunningly that I knew it was God that spoke.

The Spirit began…..
Spirit: Why did you have to pick the beans before cooking?
Me: To remove the stones, bad beans and other stuff not to be eaten.
Spirit: When next you get angry, remember like the beans you can’t say anything that builds up in your heart. Learn to pick your words when angry. As you take your time to pick the beans, take ample time to keep quiet, pick the right words before you speak because what you say at that moment could either worsen the situation or damage a relationship beyond repair.

He asked again……
Spirit: Why do you wash the beans after cooking?
Me: To remove the sand, stones and little unseen items in the beans that could cause my teeth discomfort while eating.
Spirit: Well said, are you aware that lions kill 500 people every year while spiders kill 5,000 people every year but mosquitoes kill 2.7 million people every year. The smallest are the deadliest. You washed the beans to remove the smallest hidden particles. So is anger, words you say might be harmful but your attitude to the offender could be worse. When angry don’t say bad things about the offender behind them. Backbiting is like a small “sin” which hardly gets noticed by many but are the most deadly. It could damage the reputation of someone without the person even knowing what was said. Remember the smallest are the deadliest.

He went on…….
Spirit: Why do you soak the beans before cooking?
Me: To remove the gases, reduce the effect of heartburn, reduce cooking time, help the environment, clean the beans and preserves the nutrients.
Spirit: By soaking your anger in the Word of God, you remove the harmful effects your words or actions would have on the other person. You also cleans your words and remove harmful  and negative remarks. You also preserve the nutrient of your relationship with the person because words said cannot be taken back. Lastly, since soaking causes lesser cooking time which helps the environment, you are indirectly helping the World and the person’s future relationships by not cursing him/her out and preserving their dignity.

Lastly He asked…..
Spirit: Why do you add the other ingredients to the beans?
Me: To make it delicious of course *while rolling my eyes and licking my lips*
Spirit: Exactly, after giving your self time to cool off when angry, watching your tongue, minding what you say and how you react, its time to add seasoning into the fight/quarrel/argument/incident. Call the person, hear their side, put yourself in their shoes and see things their way and remember you both weren’t brought up the same way so their reaction to things might differ from yours. Respect their views, say sorry if you are wrong, be quick to forgive and learn to move on as fast as possible. Life is too short to dwell on the countless number of things your generation are dwelling on. You will never reach your destination if you throw stones at every dog that barks.

It wasn’t a trace or a dream but I was sure God had spoken to me using my favorite meal (beans) to subdue my least favorite habit (anger). Only if a certain celebrity in Nigeria had this beans inspired revelation before his outburst for an award recently *lips sealed*

I pray that this article not only teaches you the importance of soaking beans before cooking it but also teaches you the steps in controlling your anger.
Thanks for eating listening.


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  2. Why You Must Soak Your Beans by The Health Home Economist
  3. Why Should I soak Beans Before Cooking by Cooking Stack Exchange

Why Lovers Shout When Angry


A professor was teaching about Proverbs 15:1. He asked his students, why do we shout in anger? Why do people shout at each other when they are upset? The students thought for awhile. One said,because we lose our calm. But the professor asked again,why shout when the other person is just next to you? Isn’t it possible to speak to him or her with a soft voice? Why do you shout at a person when you are angry? The students gave some answers but none satisfied the professor.

Finally,he explained, “when two people are angry at each other, there is a distance in their heart psychologically. To cover the distance,they must shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are,the stronger they will shout to hear each other through that great distance.
Then the professor asked,” what happens when two people fall in love? They dont shout at each other but talk softly,why? Because their heart are psychologically close. The distance between them is very close.The professor continued,”when they love each other even more,what happens? They don’t speak, they only whisper and they even get closer to each other in their love. They even need not to whisper,they only look at each other and that’s all…so next time you shout on a loved one know that you are creating distance between your heart and that person’s heart.

Next time we are tempted to enter a shouting competition with someone or attempt to shout someone into submission, just remember to Proverbs 15:1 which says “gentle answer turns away wrath,but a harsh word stirs up anger”. Speak less when angry and talk more when relaxed.

Please share with as many friends as you can. You may be healing a hot tempered person today. Enjoy every moment, life is easy

Importance Of Fasting and Prayer


The 21 days prayer and fasting of Winners Chapel and the 50 days prayer and fasting of The Redeemed Christian Church of God commenced today. From Monday, 11th January till Sunday, 31st January the Winners family worldwide will be engaging themselves personally in a prayer and fasting session daily. Every Winner is expected to break their fast with a communion at the various Zonal Fellowship Centers, Monday to Friday – 6-8 pm and on Saturday at our Winners’ Satellite Fellowship Centres – 5-6 pm.

The 50 day fasting and prayer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God is expected to last till the end on 29 February. Every true and committed member of the church is expected to observe the 50-day fasting and prayer this year.

For prayer points, click HERE to download the prayer points for each.


Praying to our Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, using God’s Holy Word (scripture) in prayer is the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves and others. The heart of prayer is the will of our Heavenly Father. Part of that will is simply coming to Him. He desires us, as His dear children to know Him. He desires your love, your attention, your fellowship (more than just being related to Him through Jesus), He also desires a time of communion, an intimate time of personal exchange and involvement, and finally a release of His will and manifest Presence in the earth through prayer. Prayerlessness is a sin according to 1 Sam. 12:23


HOW TO PRAY by Bishop Thomas Aremu:
1. Repent from any known sin, God heareth no sinner. The praying vessel must repent from any known sin.
2. You must approach the throne of grace with a forgiving heart. Go there with a Heart that has forgiven all.
3. Go before Him joyfully. You don’t go before God mournfully, otherwise you return empty.
4. Pray with the Word. Dialogue with God on the basis of His Word. If God will not hear your voice, He will hear the voice of His words. (See 1 John 5:14-15)
5. Pray with faith. (Anything done without faith is sin. Romans 14:23B)
6. Pray with desperation: Heaven is too busy to be attending to casual prayers.
7. Pray with expectations. Proverbs 23:18

As Christians, we fast which means to abstain from physical nourishment (food and/or water) for a particular period of time. We do this in order to concentrate on the Lord or to obtain a response to a particular matter. Biblical fasting involves confession of sins, weeping and mourning in the process of praying whilst making our request known to God. In Matthew 6 vs 16—18, Jesus himself, gives clear instructions to believers regarding fasting. In Matthew 4 v 2, we see that Jesus, himself, fasted. According to 2 Corinthians 6 vs 4—6, fasting must be part of the lifestyle of a practicing Christian.

1. Because Christ Expects it of Christians: Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:16-18 are not words of a command. He does not tell us that we have to fast. However, He expects that we will. He said, “when you fast…” He was making an assumption that a Christian would fast. Moreover, when He said these words He followed it with a bit of explanation that a fast should be personal and private. Your focus should be on your relationship with God and not on letting the world know you are fasting.
2. For Guidance: And when they had ordained them elders in every church, and had prayed with fasting, they commended them to the Lord, on whom they believed. (Acts 14:23) We see in the above verse that Paul fasted about some decisions he made in leading the churches he started. The Israelites sought the Lord through fasting when they had been defeated in battle by the tribe of Benjamin. They were asking for guidance on what they should do and how to proceed (Judges 20:26-28).
3. For Intensity in Prayer: Ezra prayed for God’s protection over his countrymen as they journeyed back to Jerusalem. He could have entreated the king for soldiers and cavalrymen, but he had already proclaimed that God would care for them. Now he was asking God to show Himself strong on behalf of the Israelites and to help raise a good testimony before the enemy (Ezra 8:21-23).
4. To Show Humility in the Presence of God: The man after God’s own heart, King David, said that he fasted for the purpose of humbling himself before God (Psalm 35:13). He certainly seems to be the person who could have walked into the throne room of God and made his request boldly as we are invited to do in Hebrews 4:16. There is a difference between boldness and arrogance. David knew how to humble himself in prayer through fasting.
5. For Worship: “… fasting without the right attitude does not touch the heart of God.” Along with humility before God, fasting can be a way to worship God. David said in Psalm 51 that God is more interested in a humble and contrite heart than He is in fasting and sacrifices. This is not saying that we don’t need to fast; rather, it is saying that fasting without the right attitude does not touch the heart of God.
6. For Spiritual Strength: While Jesus faced the temptation of Satan, He fasted for 40 days. There is a principle of spiritual strength that is demonstrated in fasting in the life of Christ (Luke 4:1-11). Mark 9:29 shows that the disciples needed a power from God that comes only through fasting. Matthew 17:20 and 21 say that fasting and prayer coupled with faith in God can work spiritual miracles.


1. Daniel Fast: No meat, sweet foods, or strong drinks (see Daniel 10:2-3). This can be done for an extended period of time, this could also be considered a vegetarian diet because there is no meat intake.
2. Partial Fast: This would be not eating one main meal you would usually eat on a daily routine, such as breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. This meal
would be skipped until the fast was over.
3. Complete Fast: This would require you to abstain from all solid foods, liquids only. When Jesus fasted in the desert, the Bible says, “After fasting forty days and forty nights, He was hungry.” This verse does not mention Jesus being thirsty. (see Luke 4:1-2)
4. Total Fast: This is a full and complete fast, no food or drink. Acts 9:9 describes when Paul went on a full fast for three days following his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. Esther also called for this type of fast in Esther 4:15-16. This type of fast should be done with extreme caution and not for extended periods of time.
5. Juice Fast: This is a fast where only fresh fruits and vegetables are juiced in a juicer. If you can’t juice your own fruits or veggies try buying juices without sugar or additives. When using fruits that are acidic, such as lemons, oranges, and even tomatoes dilute them with water for your stomachs sake.

NOTE: Total fast is recommended but complete fast is advised. Be wise.

1. Half Day: This is the typical fasting which commences from 6am to 6pm. However, food intake is not allowed from anytime between 12am and 6am when the fast commences. see Judges 20:26, Acts 10:30.
2. Afternoon fast: This fast is usually from 6 am to 12 noon (for children and nursing mothers) or 3 pm (for people who can’t go till 6 pm).
3. One Day
4. Three Days: see Acts 9:9, Esther 4:15-16
5. Seven Days: see 1 Samuel 31:13
6. Fourteen Days: see Acts 27:33
7. Twenty One Days: see Daniel 10:3
8. Forty Days: see 1 Kings 19:8, Luke 4:1-2
The length of the fast should be dependent on three factors – 1. Your health, 2) God’s leading, and 3) Type of fast.

NOTE: Half day is recommended but afternoon fast is advised for children, nursing mothers and those that can’t make it till 6 pm. Use wisdom and please don’t kill yourself.

1. Starving: The difference between fasting and starving is spirituality. It indicates “fasting and prayer” not just “fasting”. Fasting alonbe without studying the word of God and prayer is starvation in disguise.
2. Plan Your Fast: For this fast, we are advised to observe total fast for half day.
3. Tell Only the People You Must: Your spouse will need to know you are fasting. Beyond that, you would be better off not telling many people that you are fasting. Fasting is meant to be a private act between us and God. We are warned by Jesus Himself not to be proud of or boast to others that we are fasting in the hope they will think we are ‘spiritual’ and close to God (Matthew 6:16 – 18).
4. Avoid Media: Disconnecting from TV, radio, newspapers and the Internet can help you stay focused on your purpose for fasting. You will be less tempted by the constant bombardment of advertising as you become physically and emotionally challenged. Avoiding media will give you more time to focus on the Lord and His Word.
5. Disconnect from people: Fasting is not necessarily a vacation, though dedicating time off and away from people during your fast can help you get the most benefit out of this precious time.
6. Beware of Your Emotions: Some people experience vast mood swings during a fast. One moment they are totally focused on God and the next they are wallowing in pity. Knowing that this is likely to happen will help you react properly. Learning to refocus on God and His goodness during this tough emotional time will help when your fast is over and you experience similar emotions.
7. Rest: Laziness is a problem that the Bible speaks against, but most of us today suffer from being too busy and not getting the rest we need. If you disconnect from the media and other people you will have extra time allowing you to get a full night’s sleep. During your fast you will be forced to slow down since you won’t be needing long meal breaks. A fast will reveal to you that you have too many activities and busyness in your day-to-day routine.
8. Stay Physically Active: You should take time to rest but this does not mean you should do nothing. Enjoy a walk in God’s creation. Outside of His Word, His creation is one of the best ways that God has revealed Himself to us.
9. Be Still and Focus on God: Fasting is a time to study God’s Word, meditate and pray. To help with this, plan a specific Bible passage or topic you want to study during your fast. Look for verses you want to memorize and meditate upon. Fasting by Jesus and the disciples was always accompanied by prayer. Spend time talking to God and allowing Him to reveal Himself to you in His Word.
10. After breaking your fast each day: The picture below explains what and what not to eat after breaking your fast.



1. Hunger: One could go a full day without eating but as soon as you make up your mind to fast, that’s when your nostrils would pick up scents of food from a mile away. The devil is a liar so please resist him and he will flee.
2. Weight loss: as a result of lack of food intake (good news for those thinking of shedding some weight but not so much good news for people like me)
3. Saves money: Helps save money which could have been spent buying food.
4. Increases giving: Money saved not eating should be spent on the needy.
5. Body reaction: Your body will respond to the fact that you are eating less in terms of salt, sugar, carbohydrates and proteins. You are likely to feel weak, hungry, nauseous and irritable. You may find it difficult to absorb information mentally. This is all part of the internal processing of your body as it breaks up toxins. These toxins will be released from the body via sweating/increase in body odour; Urine becomes darker in colour; Tongue becomes darker; Bad breath; Acne; Increase in mucous from the nose; Constipation—Drinking prune juice/herb teas is helpful; Cold hands or feet. All the above are a normal reaction to the fast.
Lastly, as you fast, may your all your heart desires be met in Jesus Name. AMEN.


THE STORY: A Married Man and The Single Girl


A girl at a bus stop spotted a handsome man and without hesitation went to him and said ” you look cute.. I like you.”….

The man out of shock simply placed his hand on her shoulder and said “My dear, this love and infatuation are all nothing. You are too young to be behaving like this. Please go home and study hard so that you can have a successful life.”..

He then took out a piece of paper, wrote something inside and placed it on her hand and said ” I have written some words of wisdom and bible verses for you. Read them before you go to sleep.” And then he walked away.

The girl went back to her hostel in shame and before she slept she opened up the paper and read thus: “Are you blind? My wife was standing behind me. Any way, this is my number. Call me anytime. ….. By the way, I like you too!”.

Morale of the story:
1. You like something, go after it (ladies, stop forming).
2. Look before you leap (observe and then make your move).
3. Think on your feet (be smart and innovative)
4. Married men leave single girls alone (for single men like us)
5. Share if you found it funny (thanks).


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