What GIRL POWER Really Means


We need to tell our girls that “GIRL POWER” has absolutely nothing to do with their skin color, boobs, hips or ass size.
It has nothing to do with how big or flat her tummy is or how beautiful her face looks.
It has nothing to do with how many guys compliment her or how many girls despise her.
It has nothing to do with her grades in school or the caliber of clothes on your body.

“GIRL POWER” is that attribute that God deposited in women that helps men survive.
It’s that intuition that makes a woman know when something is going wrong even before a man figures it out.
It’s that ability to multi-task that can make a man go mad if he tried it.
It’s that warm receptive nature that makes even the coldest of men feel warm in her embrace.
It’s that motherly grit that makes a woman take care of children, work, cook and do domestic chores all the same time.
It’s that loving sacrifice that makes a woman give up her job/career to build up her family.
It’s that love and humility that makes a woman handle pressure internally and externally just to help her family stand.
It’s that forgiveness that would make a lady defend a man that has failed to defend her.

When girls are told to “use what they have to get what they want”, it should never about using her body. It should entail using her God given attributes to achieve her God given position.

Remember, the only time it is allowed for a woman to be under a man is during sex. Never feel inferior to any man. You are superior to men that’s why God used a rib to create woman not the dust He used to create man.

Woman Power is powerful. Never be made to feel inferior.
Never ever ever!!!!!

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May Your Don Jazzy Locate You


Sometime in 2015, a friend sent me the link to a song by one Johnny Drille. Never heard of the artist but after listening to the song for about 200 times, I couldn’t stop making noise about it. The song “Wait For Me” is a beautiful tear dropping song with a warm country/folk rhythm that would surely capture the heart of the listener.


According to the artist, “As I stayed up all night in my bedroom studio listening to the finished ‘Wait For Me‘, I soon realized it was my most emotional song yet. It meant much more to me, it was an experience. For those of us who have had to leave loved ones behind, not sure of what the future was going to bring, ‘Wait For Me‘ tells that story. It is my dedication to love.“


I shared his song on every platform I could lay my hands on and even sent it via Bluetooth (this was 2015 before Xender took over) to friends but till today, the song has only 37,000 views on YouTube and was still without a video.


Up stepped Don Jazzy……


The musical genius saw Johnny Drille’s star, signed him up to his record label, Mavin Records and sponsored a video for a 2015 song and in just two days of the video’s release, it had garnered 51,000 views and counting as at time of writing this article.


Now everyone is talking about Johnny Drille and I’m like, if you have good taste in music, songs from people like Johnny Drille, Brymo and Dare, should never be alien to your ears.


So what’s the point of this article.

To berate people that listen to “tingba tingba music” and ignore soul searching songs?

No. Who am I to decide one’s taste.

I’m here to remind you of the importance of praying for a helper.

Don Jazzy has become Johnny Drille’s helper in this case.


No matter how good, dedicated or hardworking you are, a helper will give you the platform and audience to showcase your gist and talent.

God is not your helper.

God is the expert helper providing specialist.

May your ‘Don Jazzy’ locate you.




When The Pen is The Right Size


Looking back at my early teenage years growing up, one event remains ever vivid in my memory and shaped my perception of sex forever.

I don’t know if I would tag what happened that fateful day a cruel punishment or a sick joke but what transpired between my roommates and the “evil seniors” was hella cruel.

We had just finished eating dinner in the hostel and had gone to the hostel to sleep when a senior called for a junior from our room for whatever purpose known to him.

A Senior simply had to say “Junior come to my room” and available juniors in that room were to rush to the senior with immediate alacrity.

So senior says “Junior come to my room” and everyone including myself pretends to be sleeping. Senior proceeds to the room, wakes everyone up and matches us to his room for punishment.

Senior and his mates with their sick sense of humor proceeds to humiliate us by making us all remove our trousers and for them to examine our dicks.

Every boy’s private part was scrutinized with small James a butt of most of their jokes.
“Will this one even impregnate a girl? With his penis like pencil” one said while the others laughed.

We were barely 13 years old so you can imagine the embarrassment on our innocent faces.

The biggest dicks were allowed to go back to the room unpunished while the ones with the smallest dicks were to be whipped with belts and made to wash all the seniors clothes.

That experience invariably implanted the notion that the bigger a man’s dick, the more manly he is and the more attractive he was to girls. Simple.

But (a big but actually), becoming sexually active has taught me something drastically different about the “the bigger the better” notion.

When I was younger, I never gave much thought to the size of my penis. I was well endowed growing up and I was very pleased with what nature had given me, I expected my partners to be happy with it, too.


Sex isn’t meant to be unpleasant and I didn’t want to hurt anybody but even when I was trying to be gentle it seemed unavoidable, and I found that hard to accept. I was apparently too big and that became my curse.

Concerning the size of a man’s penis and satisfying a woman, I have experienced the “too big” level and also heard “too small” tales wherein a lady is asking her partner if he’s in when he is actually in. Depressing stories.


Every single woman is an individual, so I can’t generalize for all women but its safe to say that a woman’s preference for the size of a man’s penis is mainly dependent on two factors; the width of her vagina and her pain tolerance level.

For example, it would be suicidal for a virgin looking to open her sexual account to open with a large audience (I’m sure you get my drift..lol).

Alternatively, women who have given birth vaginally to children, and/or are sexually active would most likely be a little wider down there and more adventurous. These women may prefer men who are a little bit thicker (but not necessarily longer).

Some women can have just a little bit wider vagina than other women do and the width of her vagina would naturally determine the size of penis she becomes comfortable accommodating.

Pain threshold on the other hand is the maximum level of pain that a person is able to tolerate. Some ladies have a higher pain tolerance level than others which would make taking a bigger dick a risk worth taking and the more pain she tolerates, the further her pain threshold (the point at which pain begins to be felt) is pushed and the gradually her hormones and mind converts the pain to pleasure.

In fact, where size is concerned, most women think it’s girth (width) that matters, not length. Ladies just want to be able to feel you inside of them. Simple.

One very important point: most women do not orgasm through penis-in-vagina intercourse. Some do (approximately 25%, from what I hear). The remaining 75% need a man to focus on stimulating her clitoris and/or other parts of her vulva, and/or her G-spot. This can be done with the penis, but in that case the size of your penis really doesn’t matter one bit. And a majority of women seem to prefer oral sex (cunnilingus). No penis needed at all.

For women, achieving orgasm isn’t a simple in-and-out procedure the way it is for men. You’re going to have to start all over again with every single woman you have sex with, learning what works for her. So you may be figuring out by now, verbal communication is key. Ask her.

So anyone that tells you that ladies prefer it big isn’t entirely truthful with you.

In as much as ladies don’t like small dicks, no one wants to encounter a womb destroyer.

Long story short: it matters somewhat, but how said person is in bed (and how willing they are to be flexible and do what needs to be done for their partner) is way more important.” Becky

The most important thing to satisfying a lady is more what they do with their hands and mouth, rather than the penis being the only sexual effort!

Size is nice and definitely a plus, but if a guy know how to use it and have other ‘skills,’ then sometimes it doesn’t matter.


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The Stick Your Tongue Out Challenge


As we venture into the third month of the year, is imperative that we acknowledge the power in our tongues and utilize it’s potency accordingly.

As a primary school pupil, we were thought about the five senses in the human body namely; eyes (sight), ears (hearing), nose (smell), skin (touch) and tongue (taste).
From that young age, I was of the viewpoint that the tongue was the least most important sense organ because one could actually do without tasting stuff whereas we needed our eyes to see, ears to hear, skin to feel and nose to smell.


Growing up has somewhat turned that thought process on its head. I have come to understand the capacity, authority, influence, potency and Dominion embedded in that piece of flesh called the tongue.

The tongue births words and with words, Heaven and Earth were created.
With words, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 which led to the World War II.
With words, Barack Obama metamorphosised from a young man with African roots to the first black President of the United States.
With words, Martin Luther King Jr fought for the rights and freedom of blacks in America and around the World.
With words, marriages have been ruined and families divided forever.



The tongue has caused more havoc in history than the eyes, ears, nose and skin combined.

The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue….”. It’s evidence that the tongue is a lethal weapon, even more important in the course of one’s life and destiny than any other organ in the body.


It’s high time we desist from using our tongues to our own detriment. Proverbs 13:3 says ” Those who guard their tongue preserves their lives”. Guard your tongue from callous declarations this month henceforth.

Don’t declare negativity around your life with your own words. Never say you are broke or sick. Never speak till of people or your loved ones. Never say negative things about your country or place of work. Never curse your child because of an unruly act. Never say things to your spouse that would make them feel unwanted or unvalued.

Instead, utilize your tongue dutifully and not detrimentally.

This month will bless me in leaps and bounds.
This month I shall not lack anything good.
This month I shall be a giver not a borrower.
This month I shall go out and come back in and no harm shall befall me.
This month money shall not be a problem to me.
This month I shall live in health and vitality.
This month I shall meet people that want to help me and build me.
This month shall not see my end, I shall see this month’s end.
The 31 days of this month shall be days of favor and grace upon my life.
This month I will meet my God ordained spouse.
This month financially prosperity shall be my heritage.
This month depression shall be very far from me.
This month, I shall love God more and more and live everyday to glorify Him.
This month, I will do all things through Christ that strengthens me.
This month, God will load me with daily benefits.
This month, I will meditate on God’s word on a daily basis.
This month, my God shall provide all my needs according to His riches in glory.
This month, my cup will run over with blessings and riches.
This month, when others are saying there is a casting down, I shall be saying there is a lifting up.
This month, I am blessed in my going out and in my coming in.
This month, my ways shall please God and He will make my enemies to be at peace with me. This month, the joy of the Lord shall overwhelm me on a daily basis.
This month, only good news shall be heard in my abode.
This month , unexpected blessings are coming my way.
This month, I shall more from barely making it to having more than enough.
This month, God shall order my steps.
This month, I shall accomplish my dreams faster than I thought possible.
This month, God will do exceedingly, abundantly above all I ask or think.
This month, favor and victory shall overcome my family, friends and loved ones.
This month, I shall be filled with good thoughts and not thoughts of defeat.
This month, my God shall make every crooked path straight.
This month, I declare that I am a calm person and will not let people or circumstances upset me.
This month, I declare supernatural favor over my life.
This month, I shall not just survive but I shall thrive.
This month, all things will work together for my good.

If you don’t bless yourself, no one else will.

John 14:13 ► You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father.

Stick your tongue out anytime it says anything negative.