Date Your Wife and Marry Your Girlfriend

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“Date your wife and marry your girlfriend” – Kurtis Smith, 2015

I can’t stress the above quote enough. Let me break it down.

Date your wife: Most people enter into relationships for various reasons. For companionship, to be taken care of (women are mostly guilty of this), for the sex (men raise your hands), for social acceptance, to blend in or even because of boredom. Only a fraction of relationships that start on such shaky grounds ever reach the altar and even so only a small percentage of them last 10 years happily.

But imagine, a man sees a woman in her flaws and envisions “forever after” with her. He looks out for her best interest at heart. Builds her. Supports her. Forgives her. Loves and cherishes her. He is dating his wife.

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Marry your girlfriend: Then they get married. From that wedding day, the title changes from wife to girlfriend. We have made the title “wife” heavy with too much responsibility. A wife should be this. A wife should be that. Too much pressure. Instead he treats her like his girlfriend. He doesn’t make her to wash/clean/cook and all those wifely mumbo jumbo. He takes her on dates, makes love to her anywhere and everywhere, spoils her, cocoons her in unbinding love. He is married to his girlfriend.

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So remember, when next you envision marriage. Try it the other way around. Date your husband and marry your boyfriend. YOLO should actually be YOMO. You Only Marry Once.  Don’t make divorce an option. Marry your boyfriend/girlfriend today.

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Angry Feminists: When Women Can’t Cook

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I wonder what happened to the women who knew how to cater for their families and where actually proud of it. Now you mention “kitchen”, feminists will tag you a misogynist. .

We live in a world which has forgotten their “foundation”.

We live in a world where baking has nothing to do with the kitchen but a make up term.

We now live in a world fast food is the fast way to prepare family meals.

We live in a world where girls are afraid to slay common chicken but have no problem slaying to events. .

We live in a world where #pepperdemgang can’t even touch pepper with their bare hands because it’s “hot”.

We live in a world where girls know more number of sex positions than number of dishes they can prepare.

As I said feminists will call me misogynist to hide their shame but truth be told, a man that can’t take care of his family is a joke whereas a woman that can’t cook for her family is a joker.


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When Men Allow Their Women Dress Naked


Do I consider myself a jealous lover?

Partially, I must admit. Hold my girl’s hand for too long and you are not her father or brother, then you are inviting trouble upon yourself.

I am not that paranoid and definitely not the “monitoring spirit” type of guy.
I don’t go through my girl’s phone (never have, never will) because as the saying goes “what you don’t know will not kill you”.
I don’t pick her calls and ask the guy at the other end of the call “who is this and why are you calling my girlfriend”. I find that habit quite immature.
I don’t ask my girl who the guy she’s on the line with for 15 minutes is. What’s my business?
I don’t monitor my girl’s movement, I don’t have that time.

So would you consider me a jealous lover? No, right? Okay. This is why you might in one word “Dating me equals dressing modestly”

Let me expanciate…..


Yesterday, at the BET Awards, Remy Ma (female rapper) caused quite a stir by wearing a raveciously revealing dress. It was as if her God-given assets were begging to jump out of her dress. To make matters worst, her husband (Papoose) was all smiles on the red carpet with her. It was as if her husband woke up, saw his wife’s scandalous dressing and said “yeah, baby. You look so hot. I can’t wait for the whole World to see what belongs to my eyes only”. Outrageous.


Remy Ma’s husband is not alone in this very strange habit of allowing their women dress half naked to shows or events. The most popular culprits range from Kanye West to John Legend. Below are a few pictures of married men and their seductively dressed wives.






So back to the issue at hand. The truth is that you can call me old fashioned but when I am with a woman, her body belongs to me. Not the paparazzi, not the public, not gossip columns and definitely not  Linda Ikeji’s blog.  I find it strange and bewildering that a man would allow his woman show off her body to the World. That’s just my believe.


Meagan Good and her Pastor husband

Wait a minute. I know some feminists would come up with that “gender equality” line to prove why my position is wrong. They would likely say “a woman owns her body and should flaunt it the way she likes. It’s not a man’s business”.

Well, it’s kinda my business. She’s my woman. If she were to be single, she can walk around naked for all I care.

There are certain pictures my girlfriend knows she can post on social media. Pictures that show excess cleavage are forbidden. Pictures that flaunt her fresh laps are taboo. Pictures that advertize her “God-given” assets are not allowed.

Am I an African man with a archaic mentality? Well, maybe.

Am I simply old fashioned? I guess.

Am I a jealous lover because I don’t want people to view my woman’s body? Your guess is as good as mine.