What IF banana FALL on you today?


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What IF I told you that banana would FALL on you now, what would you say? Lol.

The Nigerian music scene has been laden with so much sexual innuendo that one can’t help but flinch when eating fruits these days.

No fruit or plant has escaped musicians wrath with cassava, cucumber, banana, eggplant all caught in their sexually explicit lingua franca.


These sexual undertones have endeared most to these artists and their songs but taking a deeper look into the male organ, what do women really have to say about its size and usage?

In an impromptu survey conducted on a group of 10 friends, ‘size matters’ came up tops for 5 participants, 4 went for ‘usage’ while the last one went for something I never heard in my life (we will discuss that much later).
In the view of the ‘size matters’ advocates, as long as the size of a man’s organ isn’t big enough for the width of a woman’s vagina, no matter how good he is, she won’t reach sexual climax.


The 4 people championing the course for ‘usage’ however insist that size does in fact matter with one going as far as quoting the preacher, Myles Munroe who said “when the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”. In the words of two ‘usage’ advocates; “Size doesn’t matter. Some sizes could be big and still not function properly so what matters is how skilled the owner is at using it. Size only adds to the feeling”.

However, out of the 10 people questioned, whereas five chose ‘size’ and four opted for ‘usage’, one stood out completely. The purpose of this article is looking at her very interesting view on the subject matter.

In Halimat’s opinion, size doesn’t matter and usage doesn’t really matter, ‘aura’ matters.
In her words “It all depends on the mind and desire. The mind works in mysterious ways. It creates the picture and sends to the brain which in return produces hormones. For this reason a person can be sexually attracted to a woman who is endowed without her necessarily using that endowment in bed. It’s all about the mind of an individual not the size or usage of the joystick”.


It took me a while to understand her point of view but then it hit me.

A girl can fall for the body of a man who’s not good in bed and with a small organ because her mind has taken her satisfaction from the actual sex to the aura surrounding him. Only his hands over her, his kisses, his touch, his tongue, his words, his sweat, his energy makes her achieve climax. Her mind has rewired her brain from the ‘size’ and ‘usage’ mentality to the ‘aura’ mentality. Makes total sense.


Just like a car owner who loves a particular car, dreams of the car, craves for the car only to get the car and find out that it consumes too much fuel or doesn’t drive as he had wished fast. His love for the car would require his brain to ignore the other elements not working to his taste.

Same way a girl can love a guy that cheats but still stay in the relationship because he takes good care of her and makes her happy.
The same way a man can stay with a lady girl in bed because her booty is made of silicon.

Same way a girl can become a single mother for Davido just because of the aura (fame, money, influence, power, personality) he carries around with him.
Think about it.

So when next you are asked the question, does size matter. Maybe your answer should be, ‘no, size doesn’t matter, aura does’.

On a different note, maybe we are just crazy and might never know what women really want…lol

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Ladies: Nude Pictures and Sex Tapes

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Its funny how a video of a couple having sex comes out and the girl gets the most of the trash talk. She’s a hoe, she’s loose, she’s this, she’s that. I’m like “Helloooooo, what about the dude in the video?”

A girl’s nude picture would travel faster and wider than that of a guy because a girl’s sexuality sells market (in an Igbo trader’s voice). Take a look at the commercials on TV, billboards, adverts on the internet, put a lady showing some flesh and even ladies would pay more attention.

The other day, the story of a beauty queen who got dethroned because her nude pictures got leaked by a tabloid in. her country got my attention. According to the source, she apparently shared the nude pictures on her Whatsapp group (like seriously?) before she became famous and then when fame came calling, she was caught pants down.

With this shameful debacle in mind, a friend pinged and asked me the same question I get asked all the time. In her own words “Is good for a girl to send nude pix to her bf?”.

The answer I gave to her was very short and straight to the point, but before I get to that, let me share the view on a few friends on the same topic when asked “is it okay for a girl to send nude pictures of herself to her intimate lover/boyfriend?”

Ere P:
Its not cool. What if he keeps it in his phone and does not delete. It might just go online if someone else gets to it. What if she cheats on him or wants to quit the relationship, he could use the pictures to blackmail her.
It’s not morally right. If she can be so confident in sending him a nude picture, how sure is she that he isn’t confident enough to do what he pleases with the picture?

I never used to see anything wrong with it but I think I do now. The rate at which guys leak female nudes is alarming. It all depends on d guy’s mindset though but it’s better not to send.

No because you never can tell who might come across it. What if they breakup and he decides to expose her. Even if he doesn’t want to expose her intentionally, what if someone asks to see pictures on his phone, sees her nudes and transfers them to their phone.
What happens afterwards?

Nope, never okay. If the pictures gets out either intentionally or by mistake, would the love be strong enough to dame the consequences? Another bone of contention is the bad breakup angle, what if he decides out of jealousy/anger/envy to show the World her nude body?
Why not have a Skype call with him and show him whatever you must or you could send without ur face showing.
In my honest opinion, don’t even do it.

Answer to the question is No because you can never trust anyone over pictures in this internet age. There are so many cases of guys sharing their girls nude pictures on social networks. So I’d advise strongly against it. But if you think your boyfriend is responsible and has an image to uphold and you trust him a lot then it’s up to you.


Their replies reminded me of the lady who asked a popular blogger if it was okay to record herself having sex with her boyfriend. Both strike the same cord with is “nudity” which could turn into “public display of nudity” if the video/pictures gets out on the public domain.

The sad part is that ladies get hurt the most when such private acts are leaked unless you are a certain Kardashian whose sex tape helped spring her into celebrity status.

My advice to the lady was simple. I asked her just one question,
“If after you breakup with ur bf, he decides to send your nude pix to your friends and you find them on the internet, how would you feel?”
She replied “I would feel down, very bad, if not depressed”
And then I followed “That’s the risk you face each time you send him your nude picture. Its not worth it. If he wants to see you naked, he shuld see it live not through a picture”. That solved the issue as the dude (not even her bf) asking for her nudes was angry because she refused to send making her feel guilty.

In conclusion, most nude pictures/sex tapes come out unintentionally, ask Gabrielle Union and other celebrities caught in the cloud hack scandal. If you really want to send him a nude picture, don’t include your face, or at least it gives you some room to deny it was you if push comes to shove. Talking about sex tapes, don’t allow him record you both having sex under the guise that he will delete it later.
Be smart. Don’t do stupid things for love.
Be guided.